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Winter clothes in daycare:

As the season is moving from Autumn to Winter, here at Albatross Daycare we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of outdoor clothing items that would be suitable for your child when they are here in the daycare.

It is quite common that the weather can change a lot from morning to afternoon when the children are here, which are generally the times when we have outside time.

It’s important to remember that the clothes should feel comfortable on your child. They should also be the right size – Not too big and not too small. One important thing to keep in mind is what is comfortable for your child. Do they like the overall or do they prefer jacket and trousers, is one example.

It is important to label your child’s clothes as well – either with a marker or by ordering stickers with your child’s name. This helps to ensure that clothes don’t go missing!


Here are two examples of hats needed during the winter time. The one on the left (red) is a good option for early winter, when the temperature isn’t so cold yet. (Above 0 degrees)

The hat on the right (blue) is an option during the colder winter months, when the temperature is below freezing.

You will notice that both these options also warm the neck and throat area, which is important.   

Here is another hat option during the winter time. This time the difference is the neck warmer is separate. Again, it comes back to what your child will feel more comfortable wearing. Important issue to remember is that ears, neck and throat are covered.


Moving from left to right shows what gloves are needed the colder the weather gets. The purple gloves are waterproof and can be placed over all these gloves when it is raining outside. You can see with the blue gloves how they are padded inside. This is very important during those cold months here in Finland.


Here are two different options during the winter months. Both options are padded inside. The one on the left/first picture (depending how you are reading this) is a separate jacket and trouser option whereas the one on the right/second picture is an overall. Children generally, as they get older, prefer the option on the left whereas younger children generally go for the overall option.


Here is an additional fleece which should be worn during the very cold months. Even if the overall/jacket & trousers are padded. It is essential to have a fleece as well. Woolen options are available as well.  

Rain clothes

Here is an option for rain clothes for when it is raining outside or when the snow is melting and the ground is very wet. These clothes go on top of the overalls or jacket/trousers. It is important that these can go over the winter suit and boots.

It is also possible to get this option in a one piece overall.


These are the different options during the winter time. The top left (black) is a good option above 0 degrees, in dry weather conditions. The top right (pink) are a good option when it is below 0. These Kuoma shoes are padded inside. You can add a pair of woolly socks during the very cold days.

The bottom option (black) are rain boots (padded). These can be used when it is cold, wet and rainy outside.

If you have any questions or would like to come and see the clothes in person, feel free to contact Brian to visit the office.

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