Welcome!! – The first month in Alberga started with warmth and fun! 

Hello everyone!

We warmly welcome you all to our blog. This is the space where we will keep you updated on our activities and all the best moments at the daycare.

Alberga has reopened, after the summer break, on August 1st, and brought us a few changes. This school year, we welcomed three new teachers as well as a few new friends. We spent the first month, mostly, getting to know each other and getting to know the new routine and our new environment.

We really wanted to get to know our families and children better and decided to start our first theme with FAMILY. We had different activities with both groups. We learned about a family tree and made family trees of our own. We expanded our vocabulary on family and each of us had the opportunity to create our family book together with our family members at home.

We had our first introduction to the Finnish lessons. We learned a new song and made a Puppet show. In English, the Owls started exploring Letterland, a story-based learning method, and met some of the habitants.


The Owls started science, math, drama, and music activities. Through exploration and games, we discovered that Math and Science are everywhere!

We have started with our new topic – Safety (indoor and outdoor) We are embrasing this opportunity to talk and learn about various occupations. Since we are talking about safety we have some special activities lined up with the firefighters.

For our morning circle and classroom calendar, the Owls painted a nice aquarium on the window. Here we add a fish for every day we spend in preschool. We are counting the days until we can have our SLEEPOVER! *100 DAYS IN PRESCHOOL.*

During these past month and a half, Hawks have focused on getting to know the place, the friends, the routine, and the different rules. We spent time playing together, with different toys and with various board games. We worked on two topics this far, family and professions. Through different activities, games and songs, we learnt and had fun together. At the same time, we worked on different areas like science, music, English, Finnish, arts & crafts, and math.


At the end of August, we all had our first trip outside of the daycare. We visited Sello Library to watch a music concert by Brady Rymer. We learnt new songs, danced with our friends and had lots of fun!

This first month and a half has been exciting, fun, and full of explorations. Everybody has been adapting and engaging in all the activities very well. We would like to give a big shout out to all the children and parents that have made this first couple of weeks extremely enjoyable and for  contributing to creating a beautiful atmosphere in Alberga.