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Welcome to the Puffins

This autumn we have welcomed eight new friends to the daycare: the Puffins. They are the smallest members of Albatross and are learning what it means to be in daycare. During these two months, they have explored a lot of new things such as the environment, the teachers, new friends and even a new language!

Now after almost two months, the Puffins are getting used to the daily routines here. They are quickly picking up new words and learning things like playing with friends, dressing up and eating on their own. They are loving all the different toys they can play with as well as all the places they can discover like the yard, the sandbox and puddles. Moreover, now that the Puffins are more settled in the daycare it is so lovely to see how they learn every day and how they are creating new friendships.

When it comes to the use of English language, they are having contact with it through joyful environments such as little conversations throughout the day, picture cards to help the understanding and when we listen to some songs. ‘Wheels on the bus’ and ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ are their two favourite songs to sing and they absolutely love them!

Being a Puffin can be challenging but it is a wonderful journey of sharing, learning and growing 😊. We are so happy to have them on board!

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