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A Glimpse into the Parrots’ World!

We warmly welcome you to Parrots group 2023-2024. This year Parrots are an active friendly company who are happiest climbing rocks in the forest, swinging in the park and painting beautiful pictures. No day is the same in Parrots group and every day is filled with laughter and warm hugs.

The highlight of the week for Parrots is Forest trip Fridays. There is nothing better than scaling the mossy rocks or sliding down the slippery slopes. Exploring the local forests are what our Parrots love to do best. Collecting leaves and sticks, pointing out mushrooms, jumping in muddy puddles and jumping off rocks are coveted forest activities. Some Parrots like to ‘cook’ in the forest. Making a tasty stew out of muddy water and crushed up leaves and grass.

Forest trips allow Parrots to explore their environment safely whilst learning to respect nature. They practice their motor skills, risk assessment skills and learn to be more spatially aware. They also learn to be mindful of their own safety, as well as each other’s.

Inside the classroom Parrots enjoy spending their time playing with the home corner toys, cars, looking at books, doing puzzles or playing board games. Building toys are a big favourite, we have marble run, lego, jovo shapes and blocks. Parrots are always building some new and wonderful creations.

Our Parrots are a crafty company. They really love to do all kinds of arts and crafts. Whether it be painting, cutting, colouring or gluing. They have decorated our classroom with their beautiful artwork. Our themes for the start of the new term have been Autumn and family. The children have enjoyed making their family homes and even more talking about them. Signs of Autumn are all over the classroom, they’ve made trees, leaves and wreaths.

Not all sporty activities happen in the park or forest. Every Thursday, Parrots head to the Albatross gym to have some indoor active fun. Similar to forest trips, gym sessions help the Parrots improve their motor skills and spatial awareness skills.

We start off with a warm up of stretching our bodies and then the real fun begins! Parrots’ favourite gym activities include an obstacle course with the trampoline and balance bar, dodgeball, the parachute, ‘catch the tail’ game and animal races. Sometimes they request we have a dance session!  We had a great time to ‘the floor is lava’ song.

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