Albatross Daycare blog

Welcome to our new blog!

Hello Everyone! 

We are delighted to announce our new blog for families in Albatross Daycare and to those around the world. For those not familiar with us we are a private English speaking daycare in Espoo (Leppävaara), Finland. The daycare was established in 1998.

The idea behind this blog started already a few years ago, but only recently have we been able to push this project forward and do it! This is another platform we use in order to engage with families about life in daycare. We will continue to use our Facebook and Instagram accounts to share photos about activities and events in the different groups.

The reason for creating a blog is to talk about the current trends in life relating to daycare such as language, the importance of the mother tongue, events that take place in the daycare and probably a lot more!

This blog is public and available for anyone to read. In addition to this we have created separate blogs for each group in the daycare, however these blogs are available to those families only in Albatross.

These group blogs will provide more information relating to curriculum planning and daily activities in the individual classrooms.

Next week the groups will be preparing for and celebrating Halloween.

Stay Tuned!