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Through the eye of a Puffin

Since we last wrote here, the life of the Puffins in daycare has changed a lot. They have lived many new experiences in different areas, and this has led to many learnings and great moments.

On the one hand, the puffins have been very busy taking their first steps into the artistic world. These young artists have been painting their pumpkins and spiders for the Halloween party, as well as a gift for Father’s Day. They love using paintings and brushes to express their art. We are looking forward to do many more crafts with them now that Christmas is approaching, because they enjoy experiencing different textures and colours, something very beneficial for their cognitive development.

On the other hand, they have experienced being able to play with the leaves that autumn has brought as well as touching the first snowflakes that this season is bringing alongside with the game of blowing bubbles and trying to catch them. Since Puffins are so young, this is probably the first time they are experimenting with these types of elements, and they seem amazed as well as happy to be able to discover new environments. Furthermore, when it comes to social skills, the Puffins are practicing the fact of meeting new people and interacting with them. They have a weekly visit to their friends’ yard: the Penguins, and though at the beginning they were a bit shy, now they couldn’t be happier playing with them and making new friendships.

Finally, the Puffins are more than on board in the English learning journey. It is wonderful to see them trying to say their little phrases for games or daily activities, to sing the songs, etc.

The Puffin Boat keeps going forward!!

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