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Puffins’ month of fun activities

The weather has changed and there is no more snow outside meaning that spring has come. Puffins are very happy to say bye to winter and welcome this new season with important dates that they have ahead such as Vappu Day party, Mothers´ Day coffee and Sports Day. But a lot has happened for Puffins during these past weeks. Their calendar has been full of activities and they have learned a lot as well as had a good time together. 

At the end of February, Puffins enjoyed Leap Day in which children wore socks of different colours and inside out shirts and also ate a funny snack. Right after this day, Puffins decided to get on board and travel around Europe as part of their International Weeks. During these two weeks the children were learning about different meals, songs, languages and traditions from the Canary Islands, Spain, Finland, Germany and Ireland. 

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After the tour around Europe ended, the Puffins became gardeners, artists and hunters for Easter. They started to prepare for Easter by plating some Eater grass and they loved being little gardeners! Then they got to decorate some branches and finally they got to enjoy an egg hunt around the classroom. They were so excited to look for the eggs and helped each other find the tricky ones. Finally, they tasted mämmi, a Finnish traditional Easter treat and surprisingly really liked it! 

The Puffins have also started their weekly visits to the gym. They are extremely happy to run around, crawl through tunnels, jump on the trampoline and throw balls. They also love walking on the sensory board and feeling the different textures with their feet. 

Finally, in the past week, Puffins celebrated Finnish Language Day and had a wonderful visit from PetPark On Wheels. The children celebrated Finnish language day by listening to some songs and stories in Finnish. PetPark On Wheels gave them an opportunity to learn about guinea pigs, birds, lizards, snakes, bunnies and turtles and they got to touch all the animals. After a little shyness in the beginning, all of the children were very excited and brave! They really liked touching the soft fur of the guinea pigs but were also very interested in the snakes. They really liked the visit and it was a nice activity as we have been talking a lot about animals and the sounds they make. 

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