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Puffins: A year of learning, discoveries and wonderful moments

It has been a while since we wrote here for the last time, even the season changed! During these past weeks, Puffins have been immersed in different types of activities and events. At the beginning of the month, they celebrated Vappu. For this day, Puffins were wearing colourful clothes, playing with bubbles during outside time and eating a special doughnut for snack called Munkki.

Just one week after Vappu, Puffins celebrated Mothers’ Day Coffee with their mums. For that day, they painted a lovely card and planted some chives seeds as a present for their mothers. Puffins were very happy to spend the breakfast time with mums. Right after this event, Puffins had an event out of the daycare which was Sports Day. During this evening event, Puffins, their families and teachers spent some time all together with different activities settled in a medieval environment.

In between these important events, we would like to highlight that Puffins have been doing other daily activities such as going to play with Penguins in the Upstairs yard and gym sessions in the centre; and all of this with the lovely warm weather that spring has brought.

It is very sad to say that this will be the last blog for the 2023-2024 Puffins. But to sum up this academic year with a smile we would like to say that it has been a lovely and happy academic year. A year full of great moments, learning and knowledge for all the children that have been part of this class. We will miss them so much but at the same time we are very happy for them to be moving to the next groups where they will learn and have more wonderful moments. Last but not least, Puffins want to wish everybody a wonderful summer time ☀️

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