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Finch Chronicles: Winter Adventures

Dwelling into diverse cultural celebrations, we immersed ourselves in the wonders of Diwali, learning about the rich traditions and significance behind the festival. Now that winter has officially arrived, we find joy in frolicking in the snow, creating our own winter wonderland and pretending to be playful snow angels. The season brings a sense of magic and excitement, filling our days with snowy adventures and cozy moments indoors.

Embracing the winter spirit, we’ve been delighting in the thrill of sledding, gliding down snowy hills and pulling our friends. The crisp winter air adds a refreshing touch to our outdoor adventures, making each sled ride a memorable experience.

Now that winter is upon us, please remember to bring the proper winter clothing for your child. Brian has made a separate blog post titled Winter Clothes in Daycare with example pictures of each item needed. If you have further questions about the clothing needed, please feel free to reach out to your child´s teachers. We kindly request that you put your child’s name on their clothing. This will help avoid any mix-ups with other children’s belongings and ensure that items don’t get lost. Thank you for your cooperation!”

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