How to Apply to Albatross Daycare?

A child can apply to Albatross daycare at any time of the year. This is done by filling out the non-binding application form beneath. There is no charge for this application.

The process for putting the August groups together starts in February. The first step in this process is to contact all parents on the waiting list to enquire about their current situation. Information will appear on the homepage when this process has started.

Selection Criterias

The selection criteria for getting a place in the daycare is based on sibling relationships, the length of time in the queue and the need to find a balance in the group. It is not required that a child knows English or Finnish before starting the daycare.

For families interested in starting during the academic year it is advised to contact

Contract Signing

After a tour of Albatross and a discussion with the manager, a daycare contract is signed once the family accepts the offer. Payment of a one time registration fee (non-refundable) and security deposit (refundable) confirm the contract.

Parents apply for private daycare allowance from Kela. The amount of which varies depending on the municipality (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa). All information relating to applying and support is provided to parents upon signing the daycare contract.


The fee for full time daycare is 1064,07€ a month for children who have turned three. All support that the families receive, from Kela, is deducted from this amount, so that families only pay the difference. For families who have siblings in the daycare at the same time, they receive a siblings discount once a year.

Families also have the possibility to choose three days a week or four hours per day. The fee for this part-time daycare option is 799,99€ a month.

For children under the age of three the fee for full-time care is 1274,07€. Kela pay more support for children under the age of three, so the amount that parents pay (monthly fee) is the same for a child over three. The fee for part-time daycare option is 1009,99€.

The daycare is open all year round (including July) and monthly fees are payable for each month.

Tour of the Daycare

A tour of the daycare is arranged by appointment. It is required to contact the daycare before visiting to ensure that the correct person is available to answer any questions.