Albatross Preschool

Albatross Preschool has been approved to teach preschool activities by the city of Espoo. The curriculum is checked and approved every year. The preschool teachers have the necessary qualifications, as required from the Finnish Board of Education.

The new curriculum is devised to consider the children’s interests. The teachers’ role is to plan and guide the activities through these interests. Children will do various long term projects, throughout the year. Playing games and outside time are also an important part of preschool.

The new curriculum emphasises the importance of media literacy and information technology. In Albatross, children have the ability to improve their skills in this area with access to tablets and appropriate learning applications.

Pedagogical Manager is in charge of curriculum related issues in preschool. The new preschool curriculum came into effect on 1.8.2016, in accordance with the law.

Group contact details

Tel. +358 40 564 0307
This email is used between the child’s parent and teachers, for those currently in the daycare.

Numersinkatu 1
02600 Espoo
Driving instructions

Applying to Preschool

Applying to preschool is done by following the instructions sent out by the city of Espoo. Families will receive instructions in the post in December.

All children currently in Albatross will have a preschool place reserved for them automatically. Albatross also accepts applications from other preschool aged children, not in Albatross, if the child has a sufficient level of English. It is also possible to apply for preschool across the municipal borders, for example, if you are living in Helsinki you can apply to pre-school in Espoo.

Families also have the possibility to apply for only four hours of preschool education, which is then free of charge.

If families need daycare in addition to preschool, this requires a separate contract between Albatross and the family. The fee is calculated accordingly. For more information regarding the fees, please contact or +358 400 193 394 (English-Finnish)

For families coming from outside Finland, please contact for more information on how to apply to preschool.