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A Journey of Learning and Fun: Preschool Adventure

Preschool life has been filled with warmth and joy in the last few weeks. Preschoolers have had an exciting and educational time, culminating in some memorable events. Here’s a look back at what we’ve been up to.

We wrapped up our dinosaur theme with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. The children were captivated by the world of these prehistoric giants. They made dinosaur crafts and art, which they proudly displayed in Jurassic World in the classroom. The theme of dinosaurs has engaged preschoolers with diverse topics, like science, language, and even arts and crafts. The past month was also filled with special events that brought our preschool community closer together.

We hosted a delightful Mother’s Day party where the children showcased their love and appreciation for their mothers through handmade cards and special gifts. It was a day filled with smiles and hugs. One of the most anticipated events was our sleepover night. We had a fun-filled evening with videos and stories that sparked their imagination, fun games, and delicious snacks to keep the energy high. This month, our final trip was to the National History Museum. It was an enriching experience where the children explored exhibits, fascinated by the dinosaur skeletons and interactive displays. Hands-on activities in workshops helped them learn about fossils and ancient life. We ended our visit with having a picnic in the center of Helsinki.

As the month drew to a close, we are to celebrate the end of the preschool year with a graduation party. It would be a joyous occasion filled with a ceremony where the owls receive their diplomas, marking their achievements and readiness for the next step in their educational journey. They are to perform songs  they have learned throughout the month, showcasing their growth and talents. We are to share a slideshow of the year’s highlights, bringing smiles and a few tears as we present.

While it’s time to say goodbye to our little owls, we are confident that this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey for them. They leave with a wealth of knowledge, cherished memories, and a sense of curiosity that will propel them into the future. Thank you to all the parents, teachers, and children for making this month, and indeed this entire year, so special. We look forward to hearing about all the amazing things our preschool graduates will achieve. Stay tuned for more updates and stories as we continue to nurture young minds and celebrate their growth. Until next time, keep learning and exploring!

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