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A day in the life of a Finch

This year in the Finches group, we have an excited bunch of children. They are eager to learn and ready to play! As we get to know some of our new finch friends that have joined us and enjoy time with our existing friends, we are learning our new routines and getting to know our classroom.

We are actively learning new puzzles and games. It makes us happy to help our friends and work together as a team to solve things that might be a bit tricky for us. With the help of our teachers and friends guiding us, we are able to conquer those games and puzzles with ease.

At Albatross, we believe that it is important for the children to experience nature and understand the importance of exploring new places. It is always a good idea to learn something new and it is easy to find many things to learn from our local forests. We take trips often to the local forests to explore the wild life that surrounds the daycare. We learn new things every time we step outside and most importantly we have fun!

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