English Daycare and Preschool in Espoo

Albatross Daycare was established in 1998. It is a private, Finnish owned daycare, in which the working language is English. In 2006, the daycare founder and owner, Eija Rolamo, received the “Entrepreneur of the year” for recognition of the daycare’s accomplishments. Over the last ten years, the number of places in the daycare has doubled.


Albatross Daycare and Preschool are located in Leppävaara, which offers easy access to local amenities. Good location enables the daycare to organize many field trips all year-round. In addition to its excellent locality, the preschool curriculum offers children the possibility to develop skills necessary for school.

Albatross as a Partner

The children’s parents are very important partners and are always welcome to participate in events organised by the daycare. Albatross Daycare cooperates with local children’s health centers and schools. Albatross provides pedagogical support for all groups and assists families, as much as possible. Albatross Daycare is a reliable partner and takes its responsibilities as an employer and a service provider seriously.

Strong Language Skills and Professional Staff

Since the beginning, Albatross has developed into a respected child care provider in Espoo. The daycare’s objective has been to offer quality care, in addition to the opportunity to learn English. Albatross attracts both Finnish and international families who would like their child to be part of an active environment that supports their holistic development including language skills.

Staff members come from all over the world, which families can relate to. Currently, the daycare has staff members from over 15 different countries. Additionally, Albatross has in-house-resources available to further the daycare’s performance, activities and cooperation. Due to close working relations with various educational institutes, it is possible for staff members to obtain the appropriate qualifications to work in a daycare, through its work/study programme.



Working in Albatross

Albatross Daycare employs an international staff of nearly 20 professionals in the field of education. All the unifying factors are education, experience and a passion for working with children, in addition to fluent English.

Open applications and CVs can be sent to admissions@albatrossdaycare.fi

Permanent daycare teacher positions are available to those who have completed either a Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Social Services or an Equivalent International Degree approved by the Finnish Board of Education.

To obtain a permanent assistant teacher positions, one should hold an educated practical nurse qualification or a similar international degree approved by the Finnish Board of Education.

Substitute work is available without the necessary qualifications. The length of these contracts can vary depending on the need. It is beneficial that the candidate has experience in the daycare field, but this is a not prerequisite. We expect that applicants speak English well,  are responsible, enjoy working with children and can work well in a team.